The Importance of Plumbing Services in New Orleans

I had a rental property in New Orleans that needed some immediate care for our tenants and a certain plumbing company helped us out tremendously.  So I figured I’d spread some awareness on their industry with today’s post.

Plumbing is a crucial area; we all rely on the art of installation and maintenance of plumbing systems in our homes to keep our places of residence functional, comfortable good for our health. Plumbing services are part and parcel of our daily lives, and their significance is worthy of acknowledgment.

History Of Plumbing

Before we take a look at the importance of regular plumbing checks up and maintenance in New Orleans, let’s find out a little bit about the origin of plumbing. The history of installation and maintenance of plumbing systems dates back to Roman times when plumbing services were considered highly essential and necessary for humans to lead a safe and comfortable life. Just like today, there was a great need for clean water and secure waste disposal systems in homes and commercial premises to live without the risk of disease outbreaks.

Plumbing has evolved over the centuries and become a little bit involved in many aspects. Today plumbing systems established both in urban areas and rural areas are designed for a sustainable provision of adequate clean water supply and a safe drainage or sanitation.

The Importance of Plumbing Services in New Orleans

There is no getting away from the fact that regular plumbing maintenance is the key to making your home comfortable, functional and safe from diseases. For homeowners living in New Orleans, there is a need to hire the services of a professional plumber for a routine checkup or repair of their plumbing systems regardless of whether or not a plumbing problem exists. And for those who feel that they need to update or fix some of the components of their plumbing systems, it’s a good idea to seek the help of professionals who are specialized in this area. Here is how every New Orleans homeowner can benefit from a routine check-up and maintenance of their drainage pipes and other plumbing comments.

1. They Get To Save on their Water Bills

No matter how much water is used in a home, the person who is responsible for the bills will be required to pay for it at the end of the month. If the taps are not well-maintained, then they are probably paying far too much for this essential commodity. A drainage system within a home should operate efficiently if one plans on saving on their water bills throughout these tough economic times. Routine maintenance or repair of a drainage system by a professional plumber will ensure that they are able to do so.

2. They Get To Keep their Drainage Systems Reliable

Nobody wants a scenario whereby one of their drainage pipes or waste pipes has burst and flooded their house at an inconvenient time. To prevent this unpleasant and horrifying situation, one should make sure to have their plumbing system checked up and repaired if there is a problem, on a routine basis. A professional plumber will thoroughly inspect and tune up the drainage fixtures and fittings of a home to make sure that all of the components of the system are in fine working condition. This keeps the drainage system very much reliable.

3. Plumbing Services Promote the Lifespan of Plumbing Systems

There is no point of investing in a great plumbing system if one is going to put the longevity of this system at risk by failure to schedule a reliable check up and maintenance service. Hiring a reliable plumbing service in New Orleans to tune up plumbing fixtures and fittings of a home can help ensure that the plumbing system components fulfill their projected lifespan.

4. Routine Check Up and Maintenance Ensures Less Plumbing Repair Needs

Just because one’s drainage pipes and waste pipes are conveying water and/or liquid waste does not mean that their drainage system is okay. A minor problem can quickly become worse and cause extensive damage to the plumbing system if allowed to. Routine maintenance allows for early detection of these minor issues and ensures that necessary adjustments are made to help reduce plumbing repair needs.


Considering all these facts, it’s safe to say that plumbing is essential to our daily living. Living in a home without a proper drainage system or sewage system can be such an unimaginable idea. Every New Orleans citizen has got a right to safe drinking water and sanitation. Everyone deserves clean water to drink, supplied by pipes into the home. Additionally, one needs a way to get waste out of their home and out of their town as well, without compromising the quality of nearby drainage systems. Any reliable plumbing service in New Orleans makes all of these possible.

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Eagle Ford Sandblasting is a company in Texas that aims at bringing the highest quality and reliable sandblasting services to the clients of Laredo area. The company offers services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The team of the company consists of professionals that brought attentive care to your project and are capable of providing you with multi-surface services that will make your surface clean and smooth. The team is committed to offer you with a wide selection of services that are tailored towards achieving your project’s time constraint and level of detailed required.

Quality services are assured because the team of the company is well trained, experienced, expertise and knowledgeable to handle every issue that is within the company’s capacity. This, in addition to highest quality machinery and the ability to actually encompass a wide range of services, allows the company to provide more than the standard sandblasting. Eagle Ford Sandblasting is determined to offers services that are beyond your expectation, and it does not matter whether that is in terms of service-locations, service abilities or attention to detail. Our customers always expect nothing less but more. Speed and efficiency of the company is guaranteed to every service and equal attention is given to your home, business or operation.

Commercial sandblasting is one of the main services that are delivered in the company. When dealing with your business, the company ensures that quality workmanship serves you that not only enable you to enjoy the best results but also give your business an awesome appearance that gives a good look. As a matter of fact, building’s exterior is usually the first point that catches your clientele. When greeted with fantastic and clean façade, driveway and exterior accoutrements, the clientele will feel more satisfied even before getting the backbone of the company. The first impression and immediate impression is always what will stay in the mind of every clientele. This is not a worrying issue to people of Laredo area because they rely on reliable and competent services provided by Eagle Ford Sandblasting. The company ensures that it gives them the best exterior look and also to provide interior services when the need arises.

The company provides efficient and effective services for older and newly acquired businesses. They make your exterior part of your business look awesome. The cracked and peeling paint from areas that are neglected is their main job to clean them. Oil stains left behind in the parking lot from years of vehicles siting in such designated positions is also their main job to eradicate and renovate. The company’s team also ensures that they provide cleaning to areas such as walkways, stripping paint, off outlying fences and among others. The ability of Eagle Ford to treat multiple surfaces perfectly in Laredo area for business buildings has made it to be a popular company. The team treats every bit of the building areas such as walkways, surrounding perimeters and any other surface. There is no surface-treatment that is not left undone by the company’s sandblasting personnel. The main goal of the company in all its services is to produce a uniform and clean exterior ready to be personalized with client’s own business-finishing touches.

Indoors areas can never be left out by the Eagle Ford Sandblasting. They have the ability to strip down the old paint from all interior walls and to provide a deep cleaning to equipment that is found inside the building. Every area you want to be attended cannot be left out with company’s qualified trained personnel. They are capable of doing any commercial sandblasting that you really need in Laredo area. People around Laredo area has nothing to worry about concerning the commercial sandblasting because Eagle Ford Sandblasting is committed to serving them at any given time. They deliver the best services and they take proud in serving all the loyal customers. The company uses the latest skills and technology for every business in the area. The operators of the company normally upgrade their training now and then in order to catch up with changing level of technology. This is very essential because it will assure its customers of quality services. Eagle Ford Sandblasting uses high quality equipment that are manned and operated by well-trained experienced personnel.


There are many blast media available for you to choose for your industrial sandblasting needs. However, different media affect surfaces id different ways and so you have to know what to use to get the best results. Choosing the right sandblasting media is harder than it looks and things will even be tougher if sandblasting is not a core part of the production process or if it is only done occasionally. However, having the following important point in mind will help you find the right media for your industrial sandblasting needs.

  • Start Gentle

If you are uncertain of the right medium to use you should start with a gentle medium. Different materials react differently to sandblasting, and it is not always easy to know how a material will react without trying. Due to this you should start with a gentle media and work your way up so that you can get better results and prevent damages. Walnut shells are an example of one of the less abrasive sandblasting media and it is also completely biodegradable meaning that you will also not have to worry about any environmental impact.

  • Silicon Carbide is Best For Tough Jobs

Silicon Carbide can get any sandblasting job done efficiently no matter how tough it may be because it’s the hardest medium in the market. Besides from just being able to work on any surface it also allows for shorter blasts times and hence improving the efficiency of the process. Silicon carbide also lowers the overall cost of the process and hence helping you save more money and still get the job down.

  • Consider the cleanup

Industrial Sandblasting is usually in large scale, and so a lot of cleanups is required for the job. Whereas some media are easy and fast to dispose of after the process, some will require careful disposal. An example of such a medium is Aluminum Oxide that is gentle on the sandblasting palette and is also very long lasting but the trouble comes in the cleanup because you have to be very careful when getting read of the material after use.

  • Glass Beads are Also a Medium

Glass beads may not be as commonly used as other media, but they are still very good for the job as they can give you a soft bright finish. The soft bright finish you get from the glass media is more attractive that what you get from angular media. Glass beads are very economical since they can be recycled and reused up to 30 times. With glass beads, there is also the option of using crushed glass grit that is usually made from one hundred percent recycled bottles.

  • Work Size Matters

The medium you choose for your industrial sandblasting needs should be determined on the scale of work that you want to do. If you have a large volume of work, then you should not only choose a medium that will work efficiently but one that will also be able to last long enough to see you through the job. Some medium may provide bright finishes but you will have to replace them a couple of times if you have a lot of work and this can be very expensive.

  • Consider the price

Good things d not come cheap, but this does not mean that you should pay a fortune to acquire the sandblasting medium because you still have other equipment you need for the job. Although the most important thing that you should consider is a media’s ability to do a perfect job, it should be affordable for you or your business. Professional suppliers can provide the best media for your sandblasting needs while still ensuring that your high quality of work is maintained.

  • Try New Methods

Trying new things is a good way to get the best media for sandblasting as there is always something new coming out or an old one being enhanced. The newest media in sandblasting is dry ice and it becoming popular day by day due to its many advantages. Dry ice is used to clean electrical installations, machinery and electromechanical equipment. What makes dry ice good is that it does not have residue like from other sandblasting techniques. The residue is very detrimental and to avoid its effects you can use dry ice and similar material.

With the above points in mind, you will have little to no trouble choosing the right media for your industrial sandblasting.





Sandblasting is a process of treating surfaces and is widely used in different industries for many different purposes. It is the process through which an abrasive is accelerated into a

surface via the use of a blasting nozzle using compressed air. Common abrasives used include corn nob, plastic, copper slag, glass bead and steel shots. During sandblasting, selecting the media to be used is so crucial. This is because the different types of abrasive media vary in shape, density, availability and hardness. Also the particle size is worth considering. In most cases, before sand blasting is carried out, it is usually important to lock in the size and type of media to be used.

A sandblasting set up consists of three parts: a blaster nozzle, an air compressor and the abrasive itself. For small object cleaning and etching, a workstation that will hold the glass will also be required. A sort of collector might also be required so as to collect the excess dust. Residential sandblasting is therefore used for different applications. The common use is to clean a surface by removing whatever might be clinging to it while the other application is to carve words or designs into any given materials. The process of sandblasting will ultimately depend on how the end component will be used. Initially, residential sandblasting was considered a low technology process. However, the application of sandblasting in preparing surfaces for coating has improved this as sandblasting plays a vital role in giving surfaces the required luster and texture. The following are some benefits of residential sandblasting.

De-coating and cleaning in one step

Abrasive blasting is usually a dirty process. This is because it at times loads and embeds surfaces with contaminants like abrasive particles, tar, oil and grease during the process of coat removal. The recycled abrasives reload the increased amounts of contaminants. Suing specific types of abrasives like sodium bicarbonate ensures that surfaces and de-coated and cleaned without spoiling the surface. The sand blasting process often results in cleaner surfaces.

Cutting action

Depending with the abrasive used for sandblasting, the process often results in unique cutting action. The use of abrasives such as sodium bicarbonate and others, with a hardness not exceeding 2.4 on the Moh scale, usually results in nicely cut surfaces. The crystals produce a very nice surface without affecting the substrate. For instance, sandblasting can allow the easy removal of thick coatings from glass without engaging any etching procedures.

Eliminates odors

Residential sandblasting removes bad smells. Some surfaces tend to produce strange smells due to different reasons, such as rusting, rotting or decaying. The use of different abrasives in sand blasting ensures that these smells are eliminated. For instance, the use of glass beads as sandblasting abrasives will lead to low levels of oxidation. This results in reduced rusting or decaying, and in the process the smell is eliminated. The blasting removes the contaminates and other unfriendly smells. The use of de-greasing abrasives often eliminates the need for solvents when carrying out cleaning processes. Most sandblasting abrasives do not emulsify or dissolve in oils or grease, but rather coats them.

Crack detection

Depending with the nature of material used, the application of sandblasting is considered safe. This is because it does not result in the production of sparks. The production of sparks might cause explosions in areas that are not explosion proof. Sandblasting therefore plays a great role in cleaning surfaces that would otherwise be considered as being at risk of catching fire in the event that sparks are produced, such as grain elevators, chemical plants and refineries. Sandblasting can be used as a crack detection mechanism when sandblasting metal surfaces. Depending with the abrasive used, crack detection and repair is made easy. This makes the application of this process wide as it can be applied in different fields.

Rust inhibitor

Sandblasting inhibits the buildup of rust. Some abrasives are air proof and will not allow air to penetrate to the surface hence causing rusting. Rusting occurs where acidic conditions and free moisture exist. As is the norm, carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere usually combines with moisture hence resulting in most metal surfaces. The carbonic acid formed often releases free metal ions that cause rusting. The use of different sandblasting abrasives buffers the acid by preventing the release of the ions and hence preventing rusting.